SuperPicky V1.0 Preview

SuperPicky V1.0 Preview

慧眼选鸟 V1.0 预览版

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SuperPicky V1.0 Preview - Update List:

  1. Enhanced Bird Recognition Accuracy: The new update significantly improves the accuracy in bird recognition. However, this enhancement may lead to a reduction in recognition speed by approximately 20%.

  2. Fixed Photo Lock and Move Crash Issue: This version resolves a critical bug where moving locked photos caused the application to crash. Now, locked photos remain immovable, ensuring stability. It's important to note that the recognition and decision process still relies on JPEG format.

  3. Dramatic Improvement in RAW Format Processing Speed: We've overhauled the RAW to JPEG conversion algorithm, achieving a tenfold increase in processing speed. This enhancement brings the RAW processing efficiency almost on par with JPEG file handling, eliminating the need for JPEG backups for RAW files.

  4. Introduction of a Chinese Version (Experimental): An experimental Chinese language version is introduced in this release. The performance and user experience in this language option are currently under evaluation.

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SuperPicky V1.0 Preview 版本更新列表:

  1. 鸟类识别精度提升: 更新后的版本在鸟类识别的精度上有显著提升。这一改进可能会导致识别速度减慢20%左右。

  2. 解决锁定照片移动崩溃问题: 在此版本中,修复了当锁定照片时尝试移动照片导致的崩溃问题。更新后,锁定的照片将不会被移动。尽管如此,识别和判定过程仍然依赖于 JPEG 格式。

  3. RAW格式处理速度显著提升: 对于 RAW 格式到 JPEG 格式的转换算法进行了重大改进,处理速度提升了10倍,几乎与直接处理 JPEG 文件的速度相同。

  4. 尝试中文版(测试阶段): 此版本尝试加入中文界面,目前处于测试阶段,效果未知。

请注意,这些更新旨在为 macOS 用户提供更流畅、更高效的 SuperPicky 鸟类摄影软件体验。如您有更多关于 SuperPicky 软件的问题或需要帮助,请随时咨询。